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Layering for a “Chicago Winter”

By Terah Delancy

May 11, 2023

Layering for a “Chicago Winter”

It’s as easy as one - two - three

Many new ID students in Chicago are uncertain about what to wear as autumn fades into winter and temperatures drop. For these students, many of whom have never experienced winter before, figuring out what attire is appropriate can be a challenge. Although they have sought advice from others, they have found it limited and unhelpful. To address this issue, I chose to create a winter weather clothing guide specifically for ID students new to Chicago’s winters. The guide focuses on layering as a means of regulating body temperature in different environments, such as waiting for public transportation, walking between buildings, or attending classes. To aid in comprehension and recall, the guide features simple illustrations, callouts, and color coding to highlight specific clothing pieces and layers. My aim is to provide a starting point for new students to feel confident and comfortable in the winter weather. By providing accessible and practical information, the guide will help new students navigate the challenges of winter weather in Chicago.

Project Details

  • Class: Introduction to Visual Communication
  • Instructor: Tomoko Ichikawa