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No Lost Bags

By Aman Bhardwaj | Ayaka Uriu | Jorge Martínez Arana | Rosanna Lederhausen | Urvi Bidasaria

  1. Data driven design
  2. Designing futures
  3. Systems design
  4. Organizational strategy
  5. Business
  6. Data and design
  7. Automotive/transport
  8. Technology

The Future of Air Travel: No Lost Bags

Our team worked with United Airlines to develop a framework for improving the baggage process in the airline industry. We identified three concepts to improve the process: at-home baggage check-in, smart tags, and a baggage assistive guidance system. The system would codify this know-how and present it through an augmented reality headset that guides employees with in-context instructions. These concepts can be further developed and implemented by United Airlines to improve the customer experience and reduce lost bags.

Project Details

  • Class: Innovation Methods
  • Instructor: Jeremy Alexis
  • Project Partner: United Airlines

No Lost Bags

No Lost Bags
No Lost Bags
No Lost Bags