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Project Infusion

December 5, 2003


Project Infusion is a large-scale system of computing solutions that can be implemented worldwide in developing nations. Leveraging the processing power of grid-computing, the system requires only low-cost I/O devices that can be massively distributed. Community productivity will be multiplied and individuals empowered with the knowledge tools technologies can deliver.

The concept of Project Infusion is that by overcoming limitations, all things are possible. To this end, set aside your own assumptions and imagine what could be possible. Only by sidestepping the “how” do we get to the “what.” Technology has enabled mankind to do incredible things, and Project Infusion offers the potential to bring past and future innovations to the greater world market.


The Challenge
• Empower individuals and communities
• Encourage groups to form
• Extend their abilities to grow

Necessary Elements
• Small Business Consulting
• Information Technology
• Computer Hardware

The goals of this project were threefold: to empower individuals and communities, to encourage groups to form and operate cohesively, and to make it possible for these individuals and groups to extend their abilities to grow both culturally and economically. Emerging technology is at the forefront of these initiatives. There exists a small circle of multi-national IT corporations who could rise to the challenge, including HP, Sun, Oracle, IBM, Motorola, and Microsoft to name a few. The ideas inherent to Project Infusion exist as an implementation template for any one of these companies to approach bottom of the pyramid markets. Whereas it is not impossible for a technology startup to invest in such an undertaking, this project is meant as an initiative for an IT company or an alliance of IT companies with already established global business operations. To succeed with Project Infusion, the supporting IT company or alliance must exhibit capabilities in small business consulting, information technology and computer hardware. This paper will refer to the supporting company or alliance as Company X.

The bottom of the economic pyramid is a complex system of needs and problems. In order to find success in this market, a company must provide a complete system of solutions and responses.

Final Results

Report: infusion_report

Presentation: infusion_pres



Eric Holubow
Lucas Daniel
Matthew Locsin
Rachel Hinman
Rinku Gajera
Sara Cantor Aye
Stephen Schneider
Ahyoung Kim