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Revolutionizing Petcare

By Palak Shah

May 11, 2023

A research-driven product exploration to understand the symbiotic relationship between dogs & humans.

With over half of millennials owning dogs and considering them as family members, this project aims to create a pet-monitoring solution that surpasses the current technology offerings in the pet industry. Through a human-centered design methodology and ethnographic research exploration, the team seeks to identify the unfulfilled needs of dog owners in terms of monitoring their pets. While numerous dog-monitoring technology devices currently exist, the project seeks to create a solution that goes beyond the existing offerings and truly meets the needs of pet owners. By using a human-centered approach, the team aims to understand the unique needs and preferences of pet owners and develop a solution that truly enhances the bond between pets and their owners. Through this project, the team hopes to contribute to the ever-evolving and increasingly important pet industry, while also providing pet owners with a valuable and innovative solution.

Project Details

  • Class: Innovation Narratives
  • Instructor: Peter Zapf