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December 9, 2009


Scoop is an augmented-reality interactive system for spreading nuggets of knowledge around the urban landscape. It is a system of location-based interactive media that uses the urban landscape as a portal for informal learning, by spreading nuggets of knowledge around.

Proposed User Experience

The system is composed of 1) physical tags with QR codes that can be left in locations around the city by various “crews” or interest groups, as a way of leaving comments about that location, 2) a smartphone app for reading the tags and adding other comments, and 3) a social networking web site for aggregating the information and groups.

SCOOP tags can help users find out about new places without spoiling the sense of mystery about a location; or serve as a conduit for feedback, voting and support of a location or object; or as a way of leaving reviews of destinations where they’re needed most: on-site.


The project team conducted four rounds of paper prototyping with 11 participants, to refine the interaction mode; and define the form factors.



Daniel K. Erwin
Radhika Gupta
Yixiu Wu