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The Farm Porch Experience

By Benedicta Gokah | William Chen | Kyle Racelis | Ore Olayinka | Rutuja Chavan

May 11, 2023

Centralising the different modes of experiences for JustRoots volunteers

As a team, improving the volunteer experience and the different modes of working and relaxing on the farm was the home run project after a bit of back and forth.

Our collection of furniture, which will ultimately permanently live in The Farm Porch at JustRoots comprises of 2 8-foot benches, 3 stools, a mobile coffee cart and a wash station, all housed under a coroplast roof raised 20 feet above ground and supported by a shipping container!

JustRoots is an urban farming organisation whose mission is to work together with their community to develop and expand access to sustainably grown food.

The foundation of the farm is based on three core pillars: sustainable farming; farm education; & community building. As a community-led non-profit organisation, there are always areas of improvement, some of which the ID team identified, including but not limited to improving irrigation flow, creating better avenues to promote farm education, making the fresh produce selection process easier for the different membership groups amongst other challenges.

We put on our designer-ly hats and got to work on project areas we felt might have the most impact – given the relatively short amount of time available (12 weeks) and limited resources. In true ID fashion, we employed a 2X2 matrix in the process!

Project Details

  • Class: Product Design Workshop
  • Instructor: Martin Thaler
  • Project Partner: JustRoots Farm