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The Future of Quantified Selves

By Deepakshi Tulshan | Steven Hunsicker | Grace Parks Hall | Kat Gowland

  1. Designing futures
  2. Experience design
  3. Data and design
  4. Ethics
  5. Healthcare
  6. Business
  7. Technology
The Future of Quantified Selves

A board game that explores potential future consequences of wearable technologies

The Future of Quantified Selves is a board game that explores the future consequences of wearable technologies. The demand for tracking and monitoring various types of information, including biological, physical, behavioral, and environmental data, is on the rise. This trend is reflected in the growing popularity of the quantified self, with a significant number of adults in the United States already tracking their weight, diet, exercise routine, and other factors such as blood sugar, blood pressure, headaches, or sleep patterns. As stated by Norris (2012), self-tracking may soon become a key element of personalized medicine. The value of quantified data is increasing, particularly for service providers who can leverage this data to gain firsthand insights into their users and stay relevant in the market. As such, companies that can offer effective tools for tracking and analyzing data are likely to succeed. The use of quantified data can also lead to improved health outcomes for individuals, as it enables personalized interventions and treatment plans based on an individual’s unique data profile. Overall, the trend toward self-tracking is expected to continue, and companies that can effectively utilize this data are poised for success.

Project Details

  • Class: Building and Understanding Context
  • Instructor: Maura Shea
The Future of Quantified Selves