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The Restoration Design Manifesto

By Eva M. Althaus

May 11, 2023

A proposal for direction of efforts toward justice, equity, and the indefinite flourishing of life in all ecosystems

The biggest lesson I learned from the ”Politics of Design” is that design is never neutral. The elements we integrate and leave out create a statement to others. Through this class, I developed the practice of reflexivity and crafted my first attempt at a point of view or stand to whom I want to be as a designer in the context we live in.

Reflecting on the world we live in today, where the pandemic washed away our cognition of normality, possibilities and impossibilities. This world with a pressing clock requiring action from every single one of us to rescue our planet. Recognizing today’s opportunity and momentum to act, not only redesigning but ‘making new’.

I present ”The Restoration Design Manifesto” as a tool for Designers to think with greater discernment of what innovation is in a world with history, habits, and baggage. This manifesto is a new lens that encourages designers to incorporate virtues as indicators of ”good design” and promotes ”healing” and ”restoring” as the outcome for the well-being of all.

Project Details

  • Class: The Politics of Design
  • Instructor: Jessica Meharry