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Tracking Food Waste

By Ankita Kamble | Pragna Kurra | Sun Park, Siyuan Teng | Alexandra Zimm | Susan Onigbinde

May 11, 2023

Reducing food waste with Digital Twins technology

A digital twin technology-based analytical system offers a cost-effective solution for understanding food waste in the airline industry. This scalable model collects live data from passenger surveys on food preferences and satisfaction, flight attendants’ data on unconsumed meals, and live inventory information. The system presents a dashboard that shows insights, analysis, and forecasts on most preferred meals, unconsumed items, etc., helping United Airlines take actionable steps to reduce food waste. Furthermore, this model can be adapted to streamline other operational processes, offering an efficient solution for various industries.

Project Details

  • Class: Innovation Methods
  • Instructor: Jeremy Alexis
  • Project Partner: United Airlines