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Training the Next Generation of Health Coaches with Pillar

By Sahib Thukral | Pranjal Shah | Steven Hunsicker | Aman Bhardwaj

May 11, 2023

Purpose-driven roadmap aimed at implementing an inclusive training platform and curriculum for future health coaches

Dance for Healing is a startup that offers music and dance sessions for patients, tailored to their needs and delivered via telehealth. The startup partnered with us to establish itself as a leader in the telehealth therapy market and develop a strategic direction for expansion.

We worked with Dance for Healing to create a three-stage strategic roadmap, which outlined key activities needed to achieve each stage of growth. This roadmap was developed through a rigorous examination process that included conducting interviews with experts in telehealth technology, senior care, insurance operations, and dance therapy.

The findings from these interviews were analyzed and synthesized through an iterative process, allowing us to identify key opportunities for the business and formulate hypotheses around the financial, technical, and market aspects of the business model. We tested these hypotheses to ensure they were viable, allowing us to refine the strategic roadmap accordingly.

Ultimately, our goal was to help Dance for Healing expand and establish itself as a leader in the telehealth therapy market. By providing fun and engaging music and dance sessions tailored to the varied needs of patients, Dance for Healing creates supportive communities that promote healing and wellbeing. Our strategic roadmap provides a clear path forward for the company to achieve its goals and make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients.

Project Details

  • Class: Innovation Implementation
  • Instructor: Michael Botos & Tiago Baccarelli Justino
  • Project Partner: Pillar : Health Coaching Platform