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Visito by Ventra

By Aabha Kale | Eileen López | James Ha | Smrti Ganesan | Vidhul Sikka

May 26, 2023

Travel Like a Tourist, Navigate Like a Native

Public travel should be easy and accessible to all, and accurate transit information is crucial to instill confidence in users. To empower users, we designed Visito in Ventra, an integrated and personalized mode for travelers within the CTA ecosystem app. Visito streamlines the public travel experience by providing customized attraction lists, accurate transit information, and walkthroughs to non-residents and tourists. With Visito in Ventra, we aim to create a smoother and more convenient public travel experience for all. By employing various frameworks, such as ecosystem maps and journey maps, we synthesized data from primary and secondary sources. This solution provides customized attraction lists, accurate transit information, and detailed walkthroughs for travelers, both residents and visitors.

Project Details

  • Class: Analysis & Synthesis
  • Instructor: Peter Zapf