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Windy City Dots

By Alison Chiu | Eunji Kim | Jiafeng Zhu | Smrti Ganesan | Steven Hunsicker

May 11, 2023

Discovering and re-discovering Chicago

Discovering and re-discovering Chicago

Windy City Dots is a cutting-edge real-time interactive game that enables players to rediscover Chicago from a fresh perspective. The game is location-based and relies on the traditional game of “Dots and Boxes.” The objective is for players to move around Chicago, capturing boxes and learning fascinating facts and design stories about the city.

To encourage players to immerse themselves in local culture, Windy City Dots uses Game Theory, which incentivizes players to visit local neighborhoods and partner locations associated with our sponsor, the Design Museum of Chicago. By doing so, players gain adventurous experiences and enrich their understanding of the city’s vibrant culture.

Windy City Dots provides a new and exciting way for players to explore Chicago and its diverse communities. It allows players to see the city through a fresh lens and gain a deeper appreciation for its unique history and design. Through the game’s immersive features and partnership with the Design Museum of Chicago, players are empowered to engage with local communities and culture in an adventurous and interactive way.

Project Details

  • Class: Multidisciplinary Prototyping
  • Instructor: Anijo Mathew
  • Project Partner: Design Museum of Chicago