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ZenFit by Charlie

By Ankita Kamble | Hardik Makhija | Mary Morgan | Yiwen Teng

May 11, 2023

An ecosystem of mental health care services tailored toward individual's personality, values and interests.

Each year, 42.8 million adults in the United States experience mental health illnesses, and this number has risen by 25% globally since the onset of COVID-19. The impact of disturbed mental health is not limited to individual sufferers, as it also results in unproductivity that costs approximately US$1 trillion per year due to the loss of 12 million working days worldwide to depression and anxiety. The need to address mental health issues has become a popular topic of discussion, with numerous interventions being introduced. One such initiative is the ZenFit project proposal, which aims to make accessing mental health support as easy and approachable as going to the gym with a friend. The ZenFit platform offers four integrated services designed to help users navigate the emotional ups and downs of life. The first service, ZenMe, is a smart diagnostic tool that provides insights into the user’s mental fitness and stressors. This diagnostic tool directs users to a personalized ZenSpace, where they can access mindfulness resources that match their preferences and connect with peer support. The second service, ZenXp, connects users to meditation and service experiences in their communities. Finally, when professional support is required, users can find a therapist through the ZenCare service. ZenFit is a platform that aims to decentralize access to mental health therapy, empowering users through Web3 to opt for, own, optimize, and originate content. The platform also operates on the concept of organic marketing, where content creators themselves market the platform to gain more user traction.


Note : Charlie is the name of the team and ZenFit is the name of the app.

Project Details

  • Class: Innovation Frontiers
  • Instructor: Larry Keeley & Dan Chichester
ZenFit by Charlie