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You Have to See It To Understand It

Opening Access to the Mental Healthcare System

Redesigning Carceral Education for a Pandemic

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Open-access guide illustration

How Design is Demystifying Cancer Treatment

The CareBand wearable with application

Destigmatizing Dementia with Design

DORA (Declaration on Research Assessment) logo

Rethinking Research Assessment

remoteID research

remoteID: Reimagining Design Education, Online

Tomoko Ichikawa workshop

Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Promoting Equity in Care and Outcomes

Facing Chicago’s Asthma Epidemic

Designing Futures: Biodesign Challenge

VitaVue Platform Exploration

Communicating Radiation Treatment to Patients at the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center

Visualizing the Connections Between the Artists, the Community, and Influences at the Jane Addams Hull-House

Miranda Rights in Translation

Stroke Intervention for Young Adults

Project Aspen: Who Owns the Patient Experience?

Pano: Redesigning Children’s Health Records for Gates Foundation Contest

Mapping the Gap in Accessing Justice