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Our Work

You Have to See It To Understand It

Opening Access to the Mental Healthcare System

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Open-access guide illustration

How Design is Demystifying Cancer Treatment

The CareBand wearable with application

Destigmatizing Dementia with Design

Tomoko Ichikawa workshop

Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Promoting Equity in Care and Outcomes

Facing Chicago’s Asthma Epidemic

Designing Futures: Biodesign Challenge

VitaVue Platform Exploration

Communicating Radiation Treatment to Patients at the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center

Stroke Intervention for Young Adults

Project Aspen: Who Owns the Patient Experience?

Pano: Redesigning Children’s Health Records for Gates Foundation Contest

Bridging the Communication Gap: Healthcare Service Design for Asthma Patients

Healthcare Wearables for Loved Ones

Logistics and Performance of the Operating Room


Wayfinding Design for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Sketch of a woman talking to a healthcare provider

Rethinking—Designthinking—Health Care