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Our Work

Ohare airport

A World With No Lost Bags

Cartoon man reading newspaper with problem-ridden headlines.

Helping Solutions Journalism Deliver on Its Promise

Blue Lotus Logo

Blue Lotus App Pursues Menstrual Equity

The Possibilities of Community and Connection in a Post-Climate Change World

Future Capture Instructions

Gamifying Innovation for Financial Services

Memiro cyanotype gingko image

Memiro Project Explores Uses for Self-Tracked Data

Beauty industry packaging waste

Taking Beauty Out of the Trash

Culinary Experiences That Limit Food Waste and Engage Communities

Radiation Guides 2022

Three New Guides Now Available for Cancer Patients

Student experimenting with Osmo device

Confronting the Problem of Overzealous Phone Notifications


Improving Healthcare Outcomes in Africa with At-Home Technology

Water and droplets

Tackling Chicago’s Impending Water Shortage

Layered typography reading Nature and BIPOC

Putting the “BIPoC” in Nature

A Data visualization of total COVID death in the U.S. from the beginning till now.

Demonstrating the Human Toll of COVID

Chicago tickets

Partnership with City Clerk’s Office Aims to Reform Fines and Fees

Preventing Foodborne Illnesses, One Industrial Kitchen at a Time

Airplane in sky

ID Students Win 2022 Rotman Design Challenge

You Have to See It To Understand It

Opening Access to the Mental Healthcare System